Advertising Jobs For Freshers

With growing competition between businesses in the market, the advertising and marketing sector has seen an unprecedented surge in the demand for professionals, both experienced and freshers. Since the advertising industry thrives on creativity and talent, it values freshers with fresh ideas as much as it does revere experience. Thus, there are a lot of fresher jobs in the advertising industry. The industry is constantly growing and is looking for highly talented people who can come up with out of the box and innovative ideas even if they do not have experience to boast of. Both big and small advertising agencies hire freshers for various departments.

An advertising agency helps its clients engage with their consumers using innovative and effective advertising techniques and get their message across. The agencies exploit various media such as print, radio, television, and the Internet for this purpose. These agencies vary in scope and size. Some big domestic and international brands are present in the market. In big and established agencies, advertising jobs for freshers exist in various fields such as market research, film, video production, copy writing, client servicing, etc. The job profile does vary with the departments: Client Servicing, Creative Department, Media Department, Production, Television and Film, Photography, Market Research, Exhibition and Event Management, Promotion, and Direct Marketing.

Generally, freshers are hired as trainees or junior executives in Client Servicing, Market Research and Media Research departments. This involves understanding and learning about client needs, finding new business opportunities, servicing existing clients, finalizing the appropriate media to advertise, deciding timing and placement of advertisements, and negotiating the financial aspects of the deal. These are all executive or administrative functions. Executives working in these departments have to understand the cost effectiveness of various media to pitch the products or services of a client effectively to the target audience.

Client servicing is a very critical area as it is the delicate link between the client and the agency. One needs to possess good communication skills to communicate both ways. That is, to communicate the needs of the client to the agency and the idea of the agency to the client. A fresher working in this department must possess very good communication skills to be able to go out into the market to collect the right brief and then sell the ideas.

The creative group is the backbone of any advertising agency. An agency is as good as its creative department. There are jobs for freshers in this department too as they bring in fresh blood and innovative idea. In the creative department, one excels not by the virtue of experience but by the virtue of good ideas. The department would generally have art directors, creative directors, copywriters, scriptwriters, graphic designers, animators, visualisers, photographers, typographers, and DTP operators. This department creates the advertisement copy. The job of this department is to verbalise and visualise as per the specific needs of a client. There is a huge demand for fresh graduates in the creative departments. Even graduates from the general stream who possess a good command of the language of communication added with the knowledge of designing packages like Photoshop, Coral Draw or fine arts, are immediately absorbed in the creative department. To start a career in advertising, the basic qualities that a candidate must possess are creativity, flair for writing, and the ability to enliven ideas into a visual format. Also, candidates should have a general ability to grasp the interests of people from all walks of life. Those who work in the advertising industry have to be highly goal-driven, ready to work under pressure and under tight deadlines.

With the changing market scenario and industry demands, new areas are emerging within advertising these days. There are new areas associated with advertising like event management, image management, digital marketing, Internet marketing, etc. Internet marketing has particularly brought up a lot of opportunities in the advertising industry. It caters to a select audience with limited attention span. The platform is such that its demands are unique. Thus, freshers can look forward to a lot of career opportunities in the field of advertising. Although there are specialized courses in advertising that students can pursue to get into this field, yet those from the general stream too can enter advertising and make a successful career in it.