Advertising Job Vacancies Online

Advertising vacancies with online job boards by employers and recruitment agencies has been a hugely successful method of advertising over recent years and has now all but replaced traditional forms such as advertising in local and national newspapers and magazines. There are many advantages for employers and recruitment agencies in advertising their vacancies online and many issues to consider; the advert can potentially be seen by a huge, global audience, it can be very quick, adverts can be posted in minutes and can be live on the web immediately and it can also be very cost effective. With more job seekers now searching and applying for vacancies online and with many sites now providing mobile phone applications, there more options for job seekers and more online job boards now in the market offering various levels of services and prices with different packages, so how do you know which one(s) will be better suited for your organisation’s recruitment requirements?

First thing to consider is budget; how much can you afford to spend and which sites will give you the best return on investment (ROI)? The larger, better known job boards will have usually have high numbers of unique visitors and registered members and therefore can be relatively expensive. These sites will usually offer a range of services at various prices for example; advertising a single vacancy, a package of several advertising credits, monthly, quarterly or annual contracts with either unlimited or a set number of advertising credits, access to their database of candidates, featured vacancy listings, prominent banners promoting the company or recruitment agency on the front page of their site and regular emails sent to targeted job seekers informing them of suitable vacancies. Smaller, lesser know sites can offer cheaper alternatives, sometimes even free. These sites are sometimes worth looking into as they can attract different candidates, however sometimes vacancies will receive no applications at all.

The biggest decision is which job board(s) to use, generalist or specialist job boards? Generalist job boards are amongst the most well known and popular sites and can ensure that the advert is seen by a very large audience, a disadvantage of this can be receiving a large number of unsuitable applications, even though most job boards will now have filters and will ask qualifying questions to the applicants before they can apply. If the vacancy is quite specialist then niche job boards can sometimes be more suitable, for example I.T, legal, medical professionals etc. These sites will often have fewer visitors but those visitors will often be more relevant.

Whether using generalist or niche job boards there are factors to consider; how much will it cost?, what packages do they offer? How many unique visitors do they get? How many registered users do they have? Do they pre-screen the applicants? Do they offer database searches? How many applications does each vacancy get? What services do they offer the job seekers, is it free for them to register and search, do they send them emails promoting vacancies? Who else advertises there, what kind of vacancies and what response do they get?