Advertising Job – How Not to Get an Advertising Job

While applying for an advertising job, many applicants make many silly mistakes as they have a wrong take on what the job actually requires. The misunderstanding of the demands of the ad agency and the advertising world can create loads of confusion in the minds of applicants who sometimes end up losing the chance of making it big in advertising.

Missing internships

The first mistake that applicants make is that they get put off about advertising work when they are offered an internship. As an intern you really can learn to pick up the ropes in advertising as you would be assigned to several departments. Most applicants do not mention in their cover letter that they are willing to work as interns resulting in their applications getting rejected. Agencies usually look for interns when they want to work in advertising.

Not checking out TV and radio stations

Many aspiring candidates wanting jobs in advertising overlook the prospect in radio and TV stations when they concentrate wholly on advertising agencies. TV and radio stations pay as they hire employees to write commercials specifically for certain shows and it is a great way to get started off as well. Even though they do not pay very high salaries, you can easily break into an advertisin