Advertising Jobs – How To Succeed In Advertising

Advertising is a very interesting profession, provided that you have a creative mind. A lot of skills are called for in this profession. The motive is to enhance the sale of a particular product by describing the USPs of it and by luring customers to purchase it. The product that is being advertised is the center of the ad campaign and all activities revolve around that product.

Advertising professionals work to boost the sale of a particular product. Advertisements have to be appealing to the customers. As soon as interest has been generated in the minds of the customers, automatically sales of a product get a boost. As an advertising professional, you must try and create an image of a particular brand in the minds of the people. Therefore, to the customers, all the products manufactured by the brand will carry a brand value.


If you are promoting a particular brand, you need to make an explicit logo which will be the identity of the brand. For this reason, you may use symbols, color schemes, and sounds. This logo will represent the company. Your motive should be to build a relationship of trust between the consumers and the producers. You must strive to create a loyal image of the brand. This is regarded by many people as the final goal of marketing.

It has been observed for years that if a customer has faith on a particular brand, he will purchase goods again and again from that brand. The name of a good brand is endorsed even by word of mouth from one person to another. If a particular brand is a customer’s favorite, the customer will stay loyal to it till he derives satisfaction. Therefore, as an advertising professional you should be able to promote the brand well.


Advertisements were confined to only a few mediums in the past. However, in this age of advanced communication, there are no limitations of mediums to promote goods and services. Apart from the traditional mediums like radio, television, bill boards, in the present times you will get to use the internet and several magazines which are in circulation.


When you begin your advertising careers, you must first approach different advertising agencies for entry level advertising jobs. Advertising agencies create ads; they plan and also handle them. Sometimes promotion of the advertisements are also done by these agencies, while on other times, they are done by the clients.


Advertising jobs have great scope. Advertisements are heard everywhere and are seen everywhere. It is a truth that as time passes; more products will be launched in the market and will need advertising to make their presence felt. There are several types of advertising jobs. The nonprofit organizations who are involved in campaigning also fall under this category. So if you have a creative frame of mind then this can be a lucrative profession for you.

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Ways through Which Hiring Septic Repair Services is Important

If you are a homeowner you will always have to ensure that you make some improvements in your home of which one of the ways through which you can do that is by installing a septic system. When it reaches a point where you notice that your septic system has a problem you will have to hire septic repair services so that it is fixed. It is true that there are so many benefits that are associated with hiring septic repair services instead of trying to fix it on your own. Here are the ways through which hiring septic repair services is important.

One of the benefits of hiring septic repair services is that you will be able to save valuable time. It is true that septic system will always be complicated and that is why if you try to fix it on your own you will just be wasting your time. You have to hire a professional for the septic repair services since a professional will have experience in repairing them and will offer good services. Therefore, to make sure that you will not waste so much time on the septic system then you have to hire a professional since a professional will be experienced.

One of the ways through which hiring septic repair services is important is that you will be able to save money. You have to know that trying to fix the septic system when you are not a professional you will end up destroying the septic system. You are advised to hire a professional to fix your septic system so that you are assured that nothing will get destroyed. Therefore, to be able to save a lot of money you have to hire septic repair services when your septic system has a problem.

Your system will have proper maintenance after the repair of which this is also a way through which hiring septic repair services is important. A professional will make sure that the problem will not arise again in the future simply because he will offer the best maintenance. The problem will not arise in future simply because of the professional offer the right maintenance. You have to hire a professional to avoid future problems with your septic system.

When you hire septic repair services you are always assured that everything will be safe hence, this is also a way through which hiring septic repair services is important. The provider of the septic repair services will always know what to do and that is why the services will be safe. In summary, you are advised to hire septic repair services so that you are able to benefit in different ways.

Advertising Job Roles

Please note that traditional, creative agencies (as opposed to modern, digital, interactive ones) have changed, significantly, to what they were, say ten or twenty years ago, and continue to change (due to the rise, mainly of digital / interactive media). In fact most of them now involve, to one degree or another, elements of the modern, digital, interactive agency. Therefore, this article is a general introduction, only, to the types of jobs available in ‘traditional, creative’ advertising agencies.

ACCOUNT PLANNER The account planner is responsible for:

1. Research. Carrying out research on the consumer, the brand and the market place. Quantitative research (facts / statistics) is important, but above all, qualitative research (making sense of the facts / statistics).

2. Disruptive thinking on the brand. The account planner must, in some way, advance the brand. He / she achieves this through creative thinking (disruptive thinking) exploring a plethora of ideas.

3. Being strategic minded about the brand. Once the account planner has done his / her research and figured out a ‘big’ marketing ‘idea’ for a campaign, he / she must then set out a strategy for communicating the ‘big’ marketing ‘idea’ to others and how they should proceed with the idea.

Account planning is very much a thinking role. You have to have a curious and inquisitive nature. Be interested in what makes people tick. And be interested and good at absorbing what is going on in the cultural / social world around you.

ACCOUNT HANDLER The account hander is responsible for being ‘the face’ of the advertising agency to the client. The account handler (or the account manager / account director) is normally the first person in the agency to receive the client’s brief. The account handler then communicates this to others in the agency. The account handler is responsible for dealing with the everyday concerns of the client. Of ensuring that work for the campaign is carried out on time and to the expected standards of the agency. And the account handler, also, has the important responsibility of building up a long-term relationship between agency and client.

Account handling is very much a ‘doing’ role. There is, of course, a lot of thinking involved as well … the account handler might come up a few marketing ideas of his / he own. But the (marketing) ‘thinking’ role belongs, in large part, to the account planner. In order to do well in account planning, account handlers have to be good with people, be goot at project management, negotiating, and more.

CREATIVE TEAM The creative team is made up of a copywriter and an art director (and the creative team will, normally, be backed up by people such as designers, art workers, junior copywriters and so on). The copywriter and the art director (or visualizer) are, normally, jointly, responsible for coming up with the creative concept (a creative concept which must be based around the account planner’s ‘big’ marketing ‘idea’). The copywriter is, usually, responsible for coming up with the strapline (slogan) for the campaign, as well as the more detailed copy to be found in print / brochure etc .. Just as the art director is, usually, responsible for coming up with the visual look of the campaign. But a copywriter will often wander into the territory of an art director, and vice-versa. There are no hard and fast rules.


Production. The big advertising agencies will often have their own production department (for finishing off and producing work in TV, print, brochure and so on).

Media Planner. Many traditional, creative advertising agencies will have their own media planners. Media planners are responsible for working out the best media platforms with which to use for an advertising campaign (in traditional, creative advertising agencies this would be for TV, radio, print and brochure, and for modern, digital, interactive advertising agencies, this would be for the Internet, mobile, digital signage, and so on, but increasingly, you will find media planners working across both traditional and modern media).

PR Executive. Many traditional, creative advertising agencies now have PR specialists (because PR / publicity is being used, increasingly, in proactive brand communication, as opposed to PR being about just reacting to negative situations).

Using The Internet To Advertise Job Openings

Taking advantage of the Internet as an employer

As an employer, it’s nearly impossible to ignore the over 100 million internet users mainly spread across metro cities in India. While job seekers still look for jobs through newspapers and HR agencies, they are increasingly switching to the internet and naturally, employers should follow suit. So how do you go about posting a job on the internet? Here are some ideas on how to recruit candidates using the internet.

Use your words

In contrast to a newspaper ad where you’re charged per word, posting on the internet is cheap and sometimes even free! This allows you to post your job with a detailed job profile giving candidates a better perspective of what is on offer. By posting a well-defined job description, you significantly increase the number of job seekers likely to apply for your job.

Be Pro-active

In the past, employers would publish a job post and wait for job seekers to respond. Nowadays, employers can’t afford to sit back. Once you post a job, ensure you actively participate in the job search by reaching out to candidates who fit your job criteria. Some portals let you filter candidates matching your job profile and easily permit you to shortlist, contact and hire candidates all at the comfort of your desk.

Respond quickly

Unlike traditional media, where the lead time between posting a job and getting a response could have been a week to a month, the internet is very dynamic. In the era of smart phones and computers, candidates respond to your job advert almost immediately. As such, you should make it easy for prospective applicants to contact you by placing your email, phone and website address. If phone is your primary means of communication, have someone man the phone, ready to speak to eager applicants. Email provides a low cost option where candidates can send in their CV saving you time as you pre-screen candidates to decide who is interesting enough to call for an interview. If you have a website, put the job advertisement on the careers section.

Go social

According to the Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI), there are over 60 million of Indians on social media with an incredible 97% on Facebook. With social media being the rage, you should consider social media as another avenue to increase the virality of your job post especially if you’re looking for young hires. A majority of job portals share jobs on Facebook where the fans can easily access and share jobs with their friends. A shrewd employer once added a unique twist by offering free meals on twitter for anyone who referred their friend to his job post. Needless to say, he got a lot of job applicants.

Stand out

With many employers taking advantage of the free job post options, competition in the online job market has become stiff. On average, a job portal in India posts about 500 jobs per day leaving job seekers flooded with so many choices such that your job post could remain hidden. To rise above the clutter, you should opt for a premium plan that ensures your job is ranked higher in job searches increasing the number of applicants who view your job.

Go the extra mile

The internet has revolutionised how job seekers think of jobs-they see jobs as an extension to their life-after all they spend a third of their lives at work. Candidates now ask for add-ons such as; do you have training opportunities? Free lunch? Free transport? These perks often attract job seekers because it adds a caring personality to the employer. While not all employers can afford to do this, you should nevertheless think of cheaper ways to seem empathetic to employee struggles. This employer even offered jobs to nursing applicants who had school fees arrears.

Be up to date

There are innovative ways of recruiting online coming up every day and the best you can do is stay abreast of the trends to stay ahead of the competition.

Good luck in your candidate search!

Car Advertisement Jobs

Do you wonder why cars that you see on the road have advertisements on them? Do you love driving your car and want to make some extra money? Then you are looking for car advertisement work! Car ad work will solve all your financial crises and all you have to do is register and start working in car advertising! For making a career in car advertisement you need not put in hours of hard work, just drive your car around and make money every month!

What Is Car Advertisement?

Companies are always looking to promote their products to consumers and they are very well aware that the more people see their advertisements the more they are viable to buying the products! This is precisely the reason for car advertisement employment. Just the way we come across advertisements on the road we see numerous cars driving past us, or spend our time looking at and observing cars during traffic jams.

Companies realize that advertising themselves on cars will mean that innumerable people walking and driving on the road every day will come across these ads and that is sure to promote their brand name more than anything else.

No wonder these companies are ready to pay you for carrying their ads on your car. In fact even if your car is simply parked in a parking lot it is visible to lots of people and so are the ads on them! Now you know that car advertisement work is indeed a two-way street where you earn money for driving around and companies promote their products by paying you!

What Do You Have To Do?

Well, the answer is simple! When you have a car at your disposal and love driving it around the city, then why not use it to earn some money? Yes, that is all you have to do! Just take your car for a spin once every while and paste advertisements on your car to earn a handsome amount every month!

By registering yourself for car advertisement work you can earn while you are out on the road running your daily errands. It is truly the most hassle free and easy way to add to your monthly earning!

What Do You Need?

In order to be a part of car advertisement work you need to be at least 18 years of age and have a driving license with a clean driving record. You should live in a big city in US, Britain, Canada, Spain or France and will need to drive about 500 miles or more every month.

What Conditions Will You Work In?

Some of the companies might require you to sign a contract with them in order to ensure a long term relationship that will benefit you as well as them. There are companies that ask you to drive a certain amount of distance every month and others that also ask you to drive to a particular destination for a specified number of times in order to ensure that their advertisements are visible to the targeted consumers.

Some companies may require you to install a GPS location system in the car but you can always avoid such installation on grounds of your privacy.

What Will You Gain?

By working in car advertisement you can earn $500 to $900 every month! However, if you have a truck or a van at your disposal then the amount can go up to $3000 per month! Moreover, you are the one who will choose the advertisements that you want to display on your car!

You can choose from a range of graphic panels, total car wraps, stickers or magnetic signs and ensure that the exterior of your car is not hampered in any way while you also earn a considerable amount of money!

So if car advertisement work interests you and you want to earn while you drive, then register yourself for a car advertisement job and see how easy it is to earn some extra money!

PR Advertising Jobs – Tips for Promotion in PR Advertising Job Opportunities

PR advertising jobs are great, but they also require you to be interactive and maintain good relations with clients and the media in general. Advertising and public relations go hand in and you cannot separate the two. PR management is essential in the advertising industry as the very nature of advertising comes from effective PR management. You need to be sensitive, innovative, think out of the box and on your feet all through your career.

Unleash your creativity

PR advertising agencies will want you to promote their business the moment you join up. To promote PR, you got to unleash all the creativity that you have in you. It has to literally burst forth and show up from the very day you take up PR advertising jobs. Modern day advertising has grown in leaps and bounds and has come a long way since a mere definition of a product or service was enough. Ad pros had it easy those days.

Use all networking tools

In these tough times when competition is ruthless, you have to be more creative and should constantly innovate to stay on the job. You have to grab the attention of the consumers with the help of the print and the electronic media. In these days of social networking, you should use all the tools available to get across the message clear and straight away.

You can find advertising jobs easily these days, but keeping your job needs more effort on your part than ever before.

Hit the ground running

PR advertising internships test the mettle of the creative ad professional. You will be on a scanner right from the time of joining. You should identify niche markets right away and fine tune PR campaigns accordingly. Wasting time or money can cost you a great deal and your best bet would be to start firing from all cylinders. You have to hit the ground running even though an intern in advertising jobs is expected to be trained on the job.


PR advertising firms and PR advertising agencies have very little patience for the slow learner.

Trust is an important element in PR advertising jobs these days. It is a virtual photocopy of the message you are trying to convey to consumers. You should not be misquoted or misunderstood. You have to be brutally honest in your promises as PR advertising is like a bond based on trust between the company and the consumer.

The money is good, but the job would also demand you are at your optimum best 24/7. Advertising jobs require you build upon what the company already possesses in terms of accounts and clients. You should trigger interest in the audience who will eventually be your customer. It is up to you to extract large doses of creative juices to be effective.

After you find advertisement jobs in PR, the real action will begin and you have to succeed to remain in PR advertising jobs.

Finding Ways To Keep Up With Dealerships

Factors to Consider When Buying a Used Car in New Jersey

It is crucial to gather as much information as possible about a car dealership before you decide to acquire a used car from them. You, however, need to be well prepared before you select a car dealership in this city. This is because there are a lot of car dealerships in this region. Therefore, to ensure that pick the right car dealership, make sure that you are knowledgeable about the reliability of different dealerships in New Jersey. This will enable you to avoid buying your car from an unreliable car dealership. You can also land a reliable car dealership in New Jersey using referrals from friends. Before you decide to get your car from a certain car dealership, ensure that you have considered things like their pricing structure. Below are some tips to help you select the right car dealership in New Jersey.

The condition of cars supplied by the chosen dealership should be your first consideration. Make sure that the selected car dealership has the type of car you are looking for before you make your decision. You can determine the quality of cars sold by a given car dealership by going through their track record for the last couple of months. Reaching out to persons who have used the car dealership before will also help you to make the right choice. Make sure to also consider the certification of the chosen car dealership. Make sure to also consider the certification of the chosen car dealership. You should also buy your car from a car dealership that has been in the market for more than ten years.

Make sure that you choose a local car dealership. This will make it easy for you to inquire about the condition of cars sold by the chosen dealership. You can learn more about the reliability of the chosen car dealership by assessing their testimonials when making your selection. This is because you will get a chance to interact with people who have acquired their cars from the dealership. It is important to ensure that the opinions of persons who have used the car dealership in the past help you to make the right decision. You should also ensure that you buy your car from the dealership with the most positive reviews.

The cost of acquiring a car from the selected car dealership is the last thing to consider. It is vital to ensure that you get your car from a dealership with the best rates in New Jersey. Thus, before you choose a car dealership, make sure that you are familiar with the pricing structures of various car dealerships operating in New Jersey. Nevertheless, ensure that you are satisfied with the quality of cars sold by the chosen car dealership before you consider their pricing structure.

Tips For Success – How to Land That Dream Advertising Job

A cover letter is an essential part of any job application. It is normally the first thing that your potential employer will see, even before your CV. It needs to capture the reader and engage them so that they carry on reading your CV and potential application form.

In any job there are vital elements to a cover letter; whichever field you are applying to. If written properly it can make the difference between success and failure. Remember that your address and contact details should be in the top right hand corner.

It is better if the letter is addressed to a specific person as it gives it a more personal touch. If the job advertisement doesn’t state who it should be addressed to, it is advisable to call the company or check on the internet who will be dealing with your application. It is normal practice to open the letter stating which job you are applying for. Then an introduction to yourself such as, ‘I am looking to pursue a career in advertising as this has always been a passion and of interest to me.’ You should highlight that you have artistic capabilities, and good communication skills as both are fundamental in the advertising world.

It is then an idea to explain why you feel you would be good for the job role. You need to finish off the letter on a positive note, stating when you are available for interview and highlighting that they should contact you should they have any further queries.

Job Advertisement – How to Work in Advertisement Jobs

Getting an ad job by applying against a job advertisement to further advertisement careers is a big challenge. But the real challenge begins after you have landed up at the advertisement agency and have to prove yourself every minute that you are really the deserving candidate. There are several ways you can improve right from the time you join on the first day of your job.

Work your way up

Your best way to work in advertisement jobs is to start off as an intern. If you get to advertising jobs that offer to take in interns, try and grab it instantly. It is the easiest and the best way to enter an agency as you can work in several areas in the advertising department.

Once you offer to work as an intern, you can get loads of invaluable experience on the job to enhance your chances for a permanent position. For advertisement careers, an internship is the first step.

Advertising job opportunities are myriad, but your chances of going up the ladder are higher if you can get into an entry level position. It is far better to work your way up as in an advertising job as you learn the tricks of the trade with time.

The best part of being in an entry level position is that you can easily learn more as you would be assigned to various departments. It pays eventually as you can easily shift over to another agency if you get a better offer from another agency. Your experience at working in several departments will work to your advantage.

Have patience while you polish up

Polish up your writing skills as you would need it as a copywriter. Copywriting is fine tuning something already written for making it smooth and easy on the mind. Ads are seen in a flash and they can only work when the message is crisp and short while losing none of the appeal that it was intended for. A job in advertisement can easily teach you the basics of copywriting and how to turn simple looking stuff into something fascinating that will stay on and impact the imagination of the viewer.

You have to be passionate about the stuff you are working on. It could take several hours before you come up with something really catchy. After all, the catch words are exactly what can make a product shine and sell. It will ensure the company putting up the ad earns its millions quick and fast. While you are on the job, you should never fret and fume about sitting on a single assignment till it is polished to perfection.

And to deliver it spick and span, you need patience as it is all a team work and each and every one in the team has to come out with something fascinating. Till they come out together and the final message hits you like a bullet, you have to persevere. That is exactly what you need to do if you want to work in advertising jobs.

More About Advertising Jobs

We need advertising at almost each step of our life. What will have done if someone would not have told us which are the new products being launched in the market? A world without advertising is just a big vacant space. No billboards, no television ads, no radio jingles. Things would have reached a big stop suddenly. Opting for an advertising job at any point in your career is bound to pay off well in terms of what you will earn as money and experience. Being in the communication industry will help you develop your skills better that will let analyze life with a better understanding.

Advertising employment

Getting hired in advertising agencies will range from getting advertising jobs as an account manager or even a media executive to a copywriter or a visualiser or designer. When you are employed in an agency, it does not mean that you will be getting a six-figure pay from day one of your work. There is lot of work that you will have to do every single day, your hard work with the agency is not only what is going to pay you fruitfully but then also on the other hand satisfying the client effectively will also weave you better results.

Employment in advertising

Advertising jobs vacancy comes up at times only when people moves from one agency to the other. Most of the time if you do not have proper contacts in the agencies itself or the advertising circuit getting to know about these openings becomes difficult. The process of selection is yet another time taking process; it might take quite some time to get the job. You will be required to submit your resume which when processed according to their needs will get you the job that you wanted. Prior experiences in the post that you are applying for will help you fetch the job you are worthy of.

Jobs in advertising

Advertising work includes creative designing to marketing to writing. Within the gamut of advertising jobs lie several subtle requirements which right from a senior to junior has to follow. Ideating to surveying, understanding the client’s needs to getting to the people what the client wants is what every employee in an agency needs to do. However, there are several section involved in doing separate work in and agency, then also advertising is a teamwork where the cumulative performance of all will bring in the ultimate result.

To deliver on time, work professionally yet efficiently are the basic of working under tremendous pressure in an agency. Advertising jobs does not always mean being hired by the agency; one can also take a job in the big companies for doing their advertising directly. However, in an agency you can do jobs of different clients at the same time compared to advertising jobs in other places.