Top Ten Sales Advertising Jobs

If you though sales advertising is a difficult field to bag a job in, you are mistaken. We have for your benefit listed the top ten Sales advertising jobs. Just look through the amount of sales advertising employment opportunities that are simply waiting for you to apply and you will surely be astounded, no doubt!

• Advertising Sales Manager
If you are interested in permanent jobs that are well paying and entail sales, then this is the job for you. You can try out for the post of Advertising Sales Manager. Sales managers are entrusted with the job of training, directing and supervising the sales staff that has been put under his leadership. They are required to ensure the proper functioning of the sales department by setting goals, and quotas and motivating the sales workers to achieve the same. They decide upon the goals by keeping a sharp check on the trends of the market that reveal consumer taste and preferences.

• Senior Advertising Sales Manager
The sales manager is inevitably promoted to a higher post in due course of time and this job post is titled the Senior Advertising sales manager. They are responsible for supervising the work of regional or area sales manager and ensuring that they are doing their work properly.

• Business Development Manager
Business Development Managers are entrusted with the job of formulating strategic development policies oriented towards marketing the company’s products. All this is hoped to retain and reign in newer clients. As the manager part indicates this person needs to set revenue goals and motivate people to achieve them.

• Group Advertising Manager
As the head of a group, he needs to supervise the working of the staff placed under him. He needs to make sure that they are doing justice to the piece of sales job assigned to them.

• Senior Display Sales Executive
Display sales executives need to attend to their sales jobs by trying to market the product on their own either online or over the phone. He needs to make full use of the media such as the newspaper by putting in articles about the products and supplementing it other interesting discounts. In other words, he needs to sell his company’s products to the best of his ability.

• Trainee Advertising Sales Manager
Certain companies take in sales mangers on training and later on absorbing them within their sales department. You can work as a trainee Advertising Sales manager and avail of the opportunity the start you work right away.

• Direct Sales Executive
This kind of sales job involves door to door selling and such like. Direct sales executive refers to those persons who are in direct contact with their client that is they meet them up to sell their company’s products and services

• Home Bound Sales Executive
These sales executives work from their home office and do the very same thing that their direct sales executive counterpart does just that they do it indirectly, via the medium of phone or internet.

• Business to Business Sales Executive
Business to Business Sales executives are the ones who need to sell specific commodities and services directly into another type of business, that is sales is made either directly to the owner of the business company or indirectly via the distributors.

• Sales Representative
These people have to create interest in people’s mind for their company’s services and merchandise.

Post these guidelines there should be no problem for you to locate sales advertising jobs because after all work in sales advertising field is not only easy for people who are creative and communicative, it is extremely rewarding as well!

Applying For Non-Advertised Jobs – Various Advantages And Disadvantages

Most job seekers use the Internet with its innumerable job portals or the employment sections of local newspapers for the latest information about companies and job vacancies. While these are, undoubtedly, the best job-seeking techniques available when you are hunting for a job, many job seekers prefer to submit their resumes along with a cover letter to companies that have not advertised any vacancy.

However, there are many factors to be taken into consideration before you decide to apply similarly. Before deciding on this approach, it is better to consider the positive and negative aspects of it.

Two Ways to Apply

Job seekers have two options before them. First, they can visit the website of companies they are interested in. Companies usually give their mailing address on their websites. Having found the correct address, job seekers can then mail their resumes along with a cover letter and hope to hear from the companies. Second, they can personally take their resumes with a cover letter to local companies and inform prospective employers that they are interested in working for them.

Advantages of This Approach

The advantages of applying to non-advertised jobs are many. You put yourself in an advantageous position by simply submitting your resume to companies that have not advertised for any applicants. When this company has a vacancy, it might post an advertisement or it might just browse through its existing pile of resumes for the right candidate. If you are lucky, the resume they select could be yours.

When you apply for non-advertised posts, you create a favorable impression of yourself as a person who can take initiative, which is exactly what you are aiming at. You want prospective employers to be happy with you and especially with your desire to hold a position in their company.

Disadvantages of This Approach

While some employers consider an application for a job they have not advertised for as an act that shows initiative, others might feel the exact opposite. If you submit your resume to an employer who does not like receiving an application for a job he or she has not advertised for, you might create a bad impression of yourself. Some companies view such applications and resumes as spam.

The biggest disadvantage of applying for non-advertised jobs is the time taken to get a response. You will have to wait until there is a vacancy at the company. The company might then advertise or browse through its existing collection of resumes.

Although there is a very good chance of your resume being selected, you do not know when this might happen. You could hear from the company in a week, month, or even a year after you submitted your application. It could also turn out that you are no longer looking for a job when you get a call for an interview from that company.

In spite of these disadvantages, you will not suffer any losses if you submit your resume to companies that has not advertised any vacancy. You might also be surprised by an unexpected quick response from the company.

So, as you see, there are several advantages and disadvantages of applying for a non-advertised job. You have to decide for yourself after carefully weighing the pros with the cons. Consider all these factors well before deciding once and for all.

Recruitment Advertising Jobs

Recruitment advertising is one of the most basic and the most needed ads of a company. Therefore, the openings for the recruitment advertising jobs are also at a peak always. If you are interested in this job profile, it is very important for you to build up a strong ground for yourself. Following a few basic rules will help you think better, present better and thus provide the best of recruitment advertisements for your company. Always remember to think in terms of the best of interest of the company to get in faster and secure your position better.

Employment in recruitment advertising

While you are on the job, and have got yourself cleared through the initial levels of scrutiny, now is your turn to perform. Observe a few organized ways while you are doing recruiting advertisement work. Try coming up with the most creative yet the simplest kind of advertisements, which is bound to attract people. Do not go overboard, describe the jobs clearly and distinctly highlight the requirements so that the people will know it clearly, as to who can apply.

Recruiting advertising employment

When you start receiving, the resumes of the interested candidates try to be very clear and organized in your work. Make separate files, or demarcate separate areas wherein you can put the resumes for several posts separately and so that they do not get mixed up with one another and help you search through them quite easily when need be. Use the various media options available to you, for the circulation of the recruitment advertisements and attract more candidates for the job opening in your company.

Advertising recruitment jobs

Getting involved with the recruitment advertising jobs, means that you are bound to give more importance to the advertising part of the trade. Always specify the requirements of the candidate precisely and accurately so that you only come across the right people. Always try to ask them to come and meet you personally after having mailed their resumes to you. This will not only give you the perfect idea of the person you are handling it will also give you the vibes if the candidate is fit for the post or not.

Being meticulous in the recruitment advertising jobs pays of well. Avail a separate telephone line strictly restricted for the recruitment phone calls. If you are being able to pull in the maximum number of right candidates the company is bound to agree with the means you are opting for. Make use of the fast and more effective internet to post your ads and derive the best of your job. Recruitment advertising jobs are the most interesting yet most challenging version of advertising- the ever-changing fast growing booming industry.